Our values

We are guided by a certain number of values :


Kindness & Care : 

we choose projects without prejudice, solely within the framework of our corporate purpose, i.e. any action of general interest in favor of underprivileged, sick or disabled children...


Commitment and expertise

we select projects based on a rigorous methodology and the know-how of specialists, some of whom are from the Fondation de France.

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Effectiveness and sustainability

we support programs that are sustainable and whose impact provides lasting solutions that can be evaluated

Measuring the professionalism and involvement of our partners (partner and/or beneficiary associations and foundations) is a determining factor.

Dialogue and trust

we act in complete transparency with our donors, who receive an annual report on the main selected & funded projects, with their state of progress.

Our action is totally volunteer without any operating cost. So the amount dedicated to our projects is 100% of the amount of the received donations.