Funding medical research

Funding medical research for severe childhood diseases

Each year, thousands of children suffer from serious diseases, cancers, malformations, meningitis...

Pediatric cancers: they  account for 6% of deaths in children and are the 2nd cause of mortality for the over 1 year old.

The most common cancers are : leukemia (29%), central nervous system tumors (24%), lymphomas (11%).

Even if the research is progressing well, one child out of 5 is not cured. Each year, about 1,750 new cases of cancer are reported in young children and adolescents. Approximately one child out of 440 will be affected by cancer before the age of 15.

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Malformations : at birth, nearly 3 out of every 100 children are suffering from birth defects that will eventually lead to a more or less severe disability, or even death.

One child out of 100 is born with a cardiac malformation.

In this case too, research is progressing well and the chances of survival are improving considerably. Nevertheless, 10% of these children will not live to adulthood.

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Autism or autism spectrum disorder  (ASD) is a neurological disorder that affects a child's ability to interact and communicate with others and limits their interests. Each year, approximately 1 in 80 children are diagnosed with ASD.

For all these children suffering from autism, but also for those affected by Asperger's syndrome and those who have an intrusive & not specified development disorder, important medical research is required to better understand the underlying factors of these pathologies as well as to identify potential therapies.

On all these matters, La Petite Etoile intends to participate in the fundraising effort and support medical research for these children.

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