Co-funding children dreams.

Make sick or disabled children dreams come true or fund their vacation

La Petite Etoile Foundation offers to make certain dreams come true for sick children, offering them a break from the daily struggle and an unforgettable experience which will help restore their confidence in the future.

A young person admitted to the hospital with a serious illness has to face suffering, loneliness, lack of freedom and helplessness. Out of this situation emerge feelings of injustice, discouragement, resignation, loss of meaning in life, but also distress and anxiety.

This feeling of not being able to do something about it can lead to the patient's surrender to the disease. The hospital is experienced as a restrictive prison (schedules, programs, premises, staff, visits, etc.). The child feels that he or she has no control over the situation (what's the point, it's useless...).

action reves fille

To get out of this vicious cycle, the child's creativity can change the situation by allowing him/her to free him/herself from the framework. Thinking about something else than his illness or his handicap will provide him with extra energy to face the situation. And dreaming is going to help the patient to feel better.

Why ?

Dreaming will stimulate the child's energy to fight against his illness or handicap.

The dream will help him to envision the future, live his daily life in a lighter way, bear the effects of his treatment, imagine and anticipate.

Because a child's imagination has an amazing influence not only on his emotions but also on his physical condition.

It is a great motivational lever. More than anyone else, severely affected children need to have a goal, a perspective, dream of something great, unhoped-for, invent projects that will stimulate them and give them the strength to fight against the disease or the handicap. We first "hang on" to it with our minds and then our bodies.

This external boost, this new social environment (even if it is brief), this new sense of community (even if it is temporary), this feeling of being an active participant (even if temporary) will bring enjoyment and therefore a new motivation.

And this motivation will enable them to reach the side of those winning against the disease.

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