Provide support for sick children & their families

Providing entertainment in hospitals

La Petite Etoile Foundation also aims to provide support (on a one-time or regular basis) to sick or disabled children in hospitals so that they cope with their illness by fighting its psycho-social consequences. 

This assistance is a good way to reduce their isolation. 

There are several initiatives that can be implemented:

1/ The development and animation of websites for ill adolescents, their loved ones and even former patients. These chat sites, which allow dialogue and exchange of information, experiences or photos, enable children to progress in their understanding of themselves and of others.

enfant en chaise
enfant Joue à la Tablette

2/ The establishment of workshops in the hospital based on recreational therapies and playful or educational activities (computers, radio, photography, cinema, writing, singing, board games, cooking, cards, collages, drawing, etc.). These crafts and creative activities enhance the ability of the young patient to communicate by combining thinking, decision-making and action.

3/ The production of shows (jugglers, magicians, clowns, musicians, plays with or without the child's participation).


These initiatives allow children to get to know each other, participate, exchange ideas, learn to play together, develop their imagination, their listening skills, and their sense of sharing. They completely change the perception of the hospital environment by allowing the children to develop a more optimistic vision of their daily life with more autonomy and greater sharing.

enfant qui joue