Our organization

La Petite Etoile Foundation is administered by an Executive Committee, composed of 6 Founding Directors : 

Anne-Claire, Antoine, Aude, Jacques, Julie, Perrine.

These 6 Directors, all from the same family, are assisted by 3 qualified personalities (Anne-Céline, Catherine and Frederic) and by a Fondation de France representative, who guarantees the respect of the law regarding the sponsorship, the creation and the use of funds sheltered by the Fondation de France.

All the Directors are volunteers.

Each year, the 9 Trustees of La Petite Etoile propose, choose and finance (either entirely or in partnership) one or more projects of general interest in favor of children, carried out by an association or a foundation.

fondation working
fondation travail


These projects are either :

- operational (with one-time funding) 

- or investment projects, which are long-term.

In all cases, they provide a real response to the beneficiaries' needs : sick, fragile, handicapped, vulnerable children...