Facilitating access to care

Facilitate the most needy's access to emergency care and therapies

In 2016 in France, the relative deprivation threshold is €855 per month for a single person. Nearly 9 million people have a standard of living below this threshold.

This poverty level generates health inequalities: unsanitary housing, malnutrition, difficulties in accessing health services or prevention, healthcare deprivation.

As a result, over one third of patients seek treatment late in regard to the care required by their pathologies. According to Médecins du Monde, this applies in particular to pregnant women, who are about to give birth when they first seek medical attention and therefore do not receive prenatal check-ups.

One of the missions of the Fondation La Petite Etoile is to fight against the abandonment of health care and offer disadvantaged families with appropriate access to health care.

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At the same time some vulnerable families are struggling to finance travel and accommodation costs in case of surgery far from their home. La Petite Etoile Foundation can cover part of these costs.