Who are we ?

We are a family that is deeply concerned by the Childhood’s cause and we simply decided to commit to it.

portrait Ferdinande

It all started with Ferdinande, our great-great-grandmother.
As she lived, she has witnessed the cohabitation of both privileged and precarious populations

A situation that led her to resolutely commit to others, investing herself in providing care to African children.

Much later, inspired by her story but also an unforeseen patrimonial event, we, her grandchildren, found ourselves sharing the same awareness : the chance to be born on the right side of life.

This how we came up with the idea of creating the La Petite Etoile Foundation aiming to support the sick, fragile, handicapped, disadvantaged, vulnerable and precarious children.

La Petite Etoile is also a tribute to the one who would be today the great-grandmother of the family, the one who was the pivot, the one who remains a reference: Kakie, Ferdinande's daughter.

Afflicted with poliomyelitis, she lost the use of her two legs and her right arm at the age of 27.

Condemned to live in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, she spent her time teaching her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that life is beautiful, that there is always a reason for hope, and that there is certainly a little star (“Petite étoile”) up there watching over us forever...

portrait Kakie